The vision of Don Bosco of the two pillars

The vision of Saint Don Bosco of the two pillars

There is a vision of Don Bosco that Penny and I use in
all our talks, to accentuate the focus of our ministry and what we
believe has to be the direction the Church has to take, in order to


This vision of Don Bosco was shared with his boys, on May 30, 1862.

“A few nights ago I had a dream. True, dreams are nothing
but dreams, but still I’ll tell it to you for your spiritual benefit, just
as I would tell you even my sins - only I’m afraid I’d send you
scurrying away before the roof fell in. (SIDEBAR) This dream is commonly known as the vision of Don Bosco (SIDEBAR)


Try to picture yourselves
with me on the seashore, or better still, on an outlying cliff with
no other land in sight. The vast expanse of water is covered with
a formidable array of ships in battle formation, prows fitted with
sharp, spearlike beaks capable of breaking through any defense.


All are heavily armed with cannons, incendiary bombs and firearms
of all sorts - even books - and are heading toward one stately ship,
mightier than them all. As they close in, they try to ram it, set it afire
and cripple it as much as possible.


 “This stately vessel is shielded by a flotilla escort. Winds
and waves are with the enemy. In the midst of this endless sea, two
solid columns, a short distance apart, soar high into the sky:


one surmounted by a statue of the Immaculate Virgin at whose feet a
large inscription reads: Help of Christians;


the other, far loftier and
sturdier, supports a Host of proportionate size and bears beneath it
the inscription Salvation of believers.

The flagship commander - the Roman Pontiff - seeing
the enemy’s fury and his auxiliary ships’ very grave predicament,
summons his captains to a conference. However, as they discuss
their strategy, a furious storm breaks out and they must return to
their ships.

“When the storm abates, the Pope again summons his
captains as the flagship keeps on its course.


But the storm rages again.


Standing at the helm, the Pope strains every muscle to steer
his ship between the two columns from whose summits hang many
anchors and strong hooks linked to chains.

“The entire enemy fleet closes in to intercept and sink the
flagship at all costs.


They bombard it with everything they have:
books and pamphlets, incendiary bombs, firearms, cannons.


The battle rages ever more furious.


Beaked prows ram the flagship again
and again, but to no avail, as unscathed and undaunted, it keeps on
its course.


At times a formidable ram splinters a gaping hole into its
hull, but immediately, a breeze from the two columns instantly seals
the gash.

The vision of Don Bosco continues:
“Meanwhile, enemy cannons blow up, firearms and beaks
fall to pieces, ships crack up and sink to the bottom.


In blind fury the enemy takes to hand-to-hand combat, cursing and blaspheming.

Suddenly the Pope falls, seriously wounded, He is instantly helped
up, but, struck down a second time, dies.


A shout of victory rises from the enemy and wild rejoicing sweeps their ships. But no sooner is the Pope dead than another takes his place.


The captains of the auxiliary ships elected him so quickly that the news of the Pope’s death coincides with that of his successor’s election.


The enemy’s self-assurance waned.

“Breaking through all resistance, the new Pope steers the ship
safely between the two columns and moors it to the two columns; first, to the one surmounted by the Host and then to the other, topped
by the statue of the Virgin.


At this point in the vision of Don Bosco, something unexpected


The enemy ships panic and disperse, colliding with and
scuttling each other.

“Some auxiliary ships which had gallantly fought alongside
their flagship are the first to tie up at the two columns.


Many others, which had fearfully kept far away from the fight, stand still,
cautiously waiting until the wrecked enemy ships vanish under
the waves.


Then, they too head for the two columns, tie up at the
swinging hooks and ride safe and tranquil beside their flagship


A great calm now covers the sea.

Bob and Penny discuss this vision of Don Bosco and others in their booklet and dvd. See below.

Saint Don Bosco

Saint Don Bosco book - dvd - cd

St. John Bosco

St. John Bosco

Illustrated A Vision book containing the enthralling story of the great modern apostle of youth, Saint John Bosco, and his best-loved pupil who became a saint, Dominic Savio. Blessed with tremendous natural and supernatural gifts, including a wonderful sense of humor, Saint John Bosco overcame overwhelming obstacles to help deprived children find a better life. Juggler, magician, acrobat, tailor, teacher and writer--John Bosco became all of these in his efforts to lead boys and girls to God. A prayer was the price of admission to his shows; a friendly contest to match skill or strength was his answer to the hoodlums who laughed at him. As a priest he was known as Don Bosco and built churches and schools. Don Bosco's schools were cheerful places where the school spirit ran high. This story of Saint John Bosco and his pupil, Saint Dominic Savio, will appeal to the young readers of today. Cover art by Chris Pelicano ' 'This book is now part of Renaissance Learning's Accelerated Reader program . Quizzes are currently available. 'For more information about Accelerated Reader , the world's most widely used reading software, please go to ' ''To search Accelerated Reader's list of books, please go to the AR BookFinder at '

St. John Bosco: Mission to Love

St. John Bosco: Mission to Love

Flavio Insinna gives a winning performance as John (Don) Bosco, the great priest and educator of youth from the tough streets of Turin, Italy. Beautifully filmed in Italy, this epic movie dramatizes the many challenges that Don Bosco had to overcome from his childhood through founding his religious order, the Salesians, for helping educate boys. Growing up without a father gave him compassion for the many orphans that he cared for, while he faced persecution from both secular society and the Church as he fought to build a place to house and educate the homeless, outcast youth of Turin. His deep faith, creative imagination and profound charity shine through in this wonderful film. Also stars Charles Dance (Gosford Park) and popular Italian singer and actress Lina Sastri. This DVD contains the following language options: Italian with English or Spanish subtitles, or English dubbed track. This movie is Not Rated. Includes a 16 page collector's booklet. This is a Region 1 DVD (playable ONLY in Bermuda, Canada, the Cayman Islands, United States and U.S. territories) ' ' For information on hosting a movie night in your parish or school click here. '

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