Santo Nino de la Salud

Santo Nino de la Salud

Santo Nino de la Salud

Rosa Maria Guadalupe Calderon (Lupita to family and friends) received the statue as a gift. 

Whereupon she and her family began venerating it privately. 

In the beginning, the Child Jesus solely answered the family's petitions, as they were the only ones revering and petitioning the Holy Infant. 

But as word spread, and neighbors and friends began to plead with Lupita to pray for them before the little statue, miracles came about to believers outside the family; and more and more people venerated the little statue.

The statue got its name Santo NiƱo de la Salud or in English, Holy Infant (Child) Jesus of Good Health, because the miracles that came to pass were primarily ones pertaining to the physical - bodily ailments or serious maladies, accidents. 

The miracles grew more importantly to those of the spirit. 

People prayed to the Holy Infant and healings came about - families returned to the Church, loved ones survived otherwise fatal accidents. 

Word quickly spread.  Jesus was in their midst and listening through this little statue called the Infant Jesus of Good Health.

Word got to the Archbishop of Morelia and he granted permission for private devotion and veneration. 

Santo Nino de la Salud and Miracles of the Child Jesus


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