The Miracle Cross of Mexico

Cathedral of Mexico City

The Miracle Cross of Poison - Mexico City

In the year 1602, this crucifix was in a Dominican church, used by seminarians, called Porta Coeli (or Heaven's Gate). 

Only the Crucifix was white marble!

As it was next door to the Cathedral and used by the seminarians, it was the Archbishop's custom to celebrate Mass there daily. 

It was also his custom to kiss the Feet of the Crucified Lord on the Crucifix, before beginning the ongoing Sacrifice of the Cross, the Holy Mass. 

Now not everyone was happy with the conversions that had come about, especially those who had profited from the natives, like the medicine men who were now out of business.  And then there were those who liked the status quo of the human sacrifice of over 20,000 innocents each year. 

One day, a man  who hated the inroads the Bishop and the Church were making, decided to poison him. 

Carefully observing the Bishop's routine, he placed poison on the Feet of Our Lord on the Crucifix. 

As the Bishop began his ritual for the morning Mass, and went to kiss Our Lord's Feet, the Lord raised His Legs out of reach. 

The Bishop did not kiss the Feet and consequently did not die; but Our Lord once again saved a child of His from the venom of one of the Church's enemies, as the poison went through His Corpus on the Miracle Cross turning the statute black.

The Crucifix was taken to the Cathedral where worshippers could come, and visit, and pray.

Till today almost 400 years later, the faithful come and venerate the statue of their Lord, which miraculously saved the Bishop. 

Every Friday at twelve noon, Holy Mass is celebrated in this Chapel of the miraculous Cross of Poison. 

The official Feast Day of this miracle falls on the 3rd Friday of October.  Multitudes come to Mexico City and the Cathedral, to celebrate this miracle cross and supplicate Our Lord to have mercy on them.

When the Archbishop saw this miracle take place, he realized he had been miraculously spared and instituted this Feast Day and the celebration of the Holy  Mass every Friday at twelve noon, the hour Our Lord was placed on the Cross on Calvary 2000 years ago.

The Miracle Cross of Poison

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