The Infant of Prague

The Infant of Prague

The statue of the Infant of Prague comes to life - Prague 1634

Honoring their faith and their persistent prayer in the face of almost hopelessness, the Child Jesus answered their prayers.  Only He came in the person of local citizens bringing alms and food.


One day as Father Cyril was praying before his beloved Infant of Prague statue, to the Child Jesus, the statue came to life and began to talk to him:

"Be kind to me and I will be kind to you.  Give me back my hands that were cut off by the heretics.  The more you honor me, the more I will bless you."[1]


Father Cyril raised his eyes.  He couldn't believe his ears.  But it was true! 


The statue did talk to him!  Needless to say, Father went to his Prior and told him what the Infant of Prague said. 


But no matter how he pleaded that the Lord truly wished the repair of his statue, the Prior, because of lack of funds, told him he had to reject his petition. 


As Father Cyril could not move man's heart, he turned to God.  Shortly after much praying, a nobleman came to Father to hear his confession.  He shared that he felt called by God to come to Prague, so that he could prepare for his death by receiving the Sacrament of Penance; and he added, to help the friary.  He gave Father Cyril 100 florins.


Father Cyril ran to his Prior, sure he would now give him permission to repair the Infant of Prague statue; especially as the repair would cost less than 1 florin. 


Again the Prior denied Father's petition, insisting it was not a necessary expenditure and they had too many needs other than the repair of the statue.  And then to add salt to the wound, the Prior ordered Father Cyril to remove the statue from the Chapel. 


Father Cyril retired to his room.  As he cradled the statue lovingly, in his arms, he wept.  He struggled; he had a hard time accepting his Prior's decision.  He began to supplicate the Lord to move his Prior's heart, and at the same time forgive him for refusing to mend the statue, as well as for ordering him to remove the statue from the Altar in the Chapel.


As he was deep in prayer, Our Lady appeared.  She made it clear to him that this statue of Her Son - the Infant Jesus was to be venerated by all the faithful. 


 She added, it was Her wish a Chapel be built expressly for that purpose; but that first the statue had to be repaired, as Her Son desired it.