Saint Clare of Assisi and the first hot cross buns

Saint Clare of Assisi

Saint Clare of Assisi and the Hot Cross Buns


Most of us are not aware of the origin of hot cross buns. Well Saint Clare of Assisi is responsible for them. Here is the account:

We want to relate to you the story of Saint Clare of Assisi and
the Hot Cross buns.


After reading , no one can accuse
me of making Saint Clare’s claim to fame the fact that she instituted the
Hot Cross buns.

Pope Gregory IX came to Assisi for the Canonization of
St. Francis.


He had stopped at the Convent of San Damiano, but
wanted to go back one more time before he left Assisi.


So, early one morning, bringing his cortege of Cardinals with him, he made the
trip out of Assisi to the humble Convent of the Poor Ladies.

When the Sisters of Saint Clare heard that their Pope was
coming, they decorated the church and choir stalls with garlands
of flowers.


Everyone was truly in a festive mood as His Holiness
entered the Convent. All the Sisters, including Clare, were in rapt
attention, their eyes and ears riveted on the Holy Father, eager to
hear what he had to say.


But he knew he was in the presence of a
Saint; he wanted to hear her speak. Clare obediently shared with the
Pope and all present, the glory of God, and the virtues of the new
Saint, Francis. As the Holy Spirit filled them through Clare, they became lost to time, and before they knew it, it was noon.

Clare knew the Pope and his Cardinals could not get back
to Assisi in time for lunch, so she invited him to join them in their
extremely humble fare of stale bread.


We really believe the Pope was
honored to be able to live the Gospel life with these selfless ladies, if
only for this brief time.


He joyfully accepted their hospitality.
The hard pieces of bread were placed on the table. Clare
asked the Pope to bless the meal.


He asked Saint Clare to bless it.


Out ofhumility, she said she was a sinner, and could not possibly bless
the bread, especially in the presence of Christ’s vicar on earth.


The Pope had no problem with that.


He ordered Clare to bless the bread.

She closed her eyes, raised her arm, and blessed the bread with such
reverence, not a sound could be heard.


When she was finished, a gasp of amazement escaped from all present.


A large cross had formed on each piece of the hardened bread.


Although it has not been chronicled anywhere, we have to believe that bread was the most delicious anyone had ever eaten.

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