The Guadalupe Miracle of the Cross

Miracles of the Cross at Guadalupe

Guadalupe Miracle of the Cross


In November, 1921, a major attempt was made to desecrate the Tilma that bears the image of our Lady of Guadalupe, God had given to the people of Mexico and to the world. This Tilma was the first first Guadalupe Miracle.


On November 24, a deluded man walked into the old Basilica, which was beginning to sink, even at that time. 


To the naked eye, he appeared very reverent and loving towards Our dear Mother.  He carried a bouquet of flowers, supposedly to offer to Mother Mary.  He went to the main Altar, above which was the beautiful, miraculous Tilma of Juan Diego. 


He gently placed the beautiful cluster of flowers on the Altar.  To any of the Faithful in the Basilica, he would have appeared to be just another of the loving Mexican men who adored their Mother. 


But inside the bouquet of flowers was a bomb with 29 sticks of dynamite!  He made sure to place the flowers strategically under the Tilma, at the foot of the large, very heavy brass Crucifix. 


We believe that he either left the Basilica, or went to the back very quickly.  Because it was not very long after, that an explosion of gigantic proportions rocked the aging building. 


It was ear shattering. 


The building shook to it's rafters.  Blocks of marble were dislodged.  All the windows in the Basilica were blown to smithereens. 


The glass blew out onto the street below. 


Pilgrims inside the Basilica were strewn all over the church from the force of the blast.  Fearful the church would surely collapse, they ran to safety outside, in the great Plaza of Our Lady of Guadalupe.


To explain the Guadalupe Miracle of the Cross in the eyes of Faith, we would have to say that Jesus on the Cross expanded, at least to the height of the Tilma, and, arms outstretched, blocked the impact of the explosion. 


He threw His Body in front of His Mother, protecting her from the onslaught.  He took all the punishment on Himself, rather than have His Mother, or this Image, so important to the people of Mexico, be destroyed. 


The brass Crucifix twisted and distorted became known as the Guadalupe Miracle.  It actually twisted around, so that the Corpus was at the back of the base, turning, as it were, to look at His Mother, to be sure that she was all right. 



There was a great deal of damage done to the Basilica. 


It took months to repair it.  But the area around Our Lady, the Altar, the frame of the Tilma, and the Tilma itself, were not marred in any way. 


The Guadalupe Miracle is with us to this day. 


It has been put on display in a special place inside the new Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe. 


Jesus is there to help us.  He loves us the way He loves His Dear Mother.  Would he block you with His Body if you were in danger?  What do you think He did for us on the Cross?  Keep your eyes on the Cross. 


Jesus is there for you.  He will give you your own personal Miracle of the Cross.

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