Saints Francis and Clare and the miraculous fire

Saint Francis and Clare of Assisi and the miraculous fire in the woods


Clare was locked away in her little Convent at San Damiano,
while Francis traveled about spreading the Gospel.


She understood they were called to different walks, that she was to pray and he was to preach, but she had a problem in that he always stayed away from
her and her ladies.

This one day in particular, when she heard that
he had returned from a trip and was at Santa Maria degli Angeli, she
sent word with his friars, asking to share a meal with him.


Francis refused.


Even his followers thought he was being too hard on Clare.

They told him,
“Father, it does not seem to us that your way of acting
accords very well with charity. Clare has given up all the riches of
the world; she is a choice plant in your spiritual garden. Why then
do you not wish to make her happy in so little a thing as allowing her
to have a meal with you?”

In his heart, Francis knew they were right.

He really looked forward to being able to share with Clare.


He decided, however, rather than going to San Damiano, he would have Clare come to Santa Maria degli Angeli.


He felt it would be good for her to get out.

So Clare and one of her ladies went to visit him.


First she went into the Portiuncola to pray; then Francis took her on a tour of the little community that had been built there.


She had fond memories of that Palm Sunday evening when she first went there to join Francis.

They went into the woods. Francis laid out the meager
bread and water dinner on a stone.


But before eating, they began to pray.


They were so filled with the Holy Spirit that the entire area became illuminated. There was so bright a light, it could be seen for miles around.


Townspeople thought there was a fire in the woods
around Santa Maria degli Angeli and came running with buckets of
water to put out the flames.


When they arrived, they saw Francis and Clare, with their two companions, deep in prayer, covered by a brilliant aura.


After their prayer was over, the light went out and the townspeople dispersed. Clare and Francis stood up, spiritually filled, never having touched one drop of food. 

Books about Saint Francis and Saint Clare

Clare and Francis

Clare and Francis

See the special website for Clare and Francis to learn much more about this inspiring film. ' Click here for the film website. '' A major new epic feature film on the lives of St. Clare and St. Francis of Assisi shot on location in Italy by the Italian film company Lux Vide, the producers of Saint Rita, Pope John Paul II and St. John Bosco . This outstanding movie is unique among films on St. Francis because of the historical accuracy of the story and its authentic spirit of joy and piety Francis was known for, as well as the major role played by Clare who is given equal stature with Francis. The two leads are played by very appealing performers, Mary Petruolo and Ettore Bassi, who give genuinely inspiring and beautifully moving performances of the daughter of a patrician family and the son of a rich merchant who leave all to follow Christ. Francis renounces his inheritance of wealth to live the Gospel and serve the poor and outcasts. Clare reads deep into his heart and decides to follow him, leaving her home and family to give herself as the bride of Christ. Both found major religious orders and together they inspire many to follow their radical call to live the Gospel, and their impact has even reached across the centuries to change the world. This DVD includes the following language tracks :English and Italian language, Spanish & English subtitles. ' Special Features: A 16 page booklet by Tim Drake with study questions, biographies of St. Clare and St. Francis, and resource list. Behind the scenes featurette and a special ???Making of Clare and Francis??? featurette with Franciscan Fr. Raniero Cantalamessa, Preacher to the Papal Household. ' This is a Region 1 DVD (playable ONLY in Bermuda, Canada, the Cayman Islands, United States and U.S. territories)' '

Francis and Clare, Saints of Assisi

Francis and Clare, Saints of Assisi

A Vision Book about St. Francis and St. Clare, the two very popular saints of Assisi. Helen Homan has captured all the excitement and beauty of the lives of these saints from their childhood growing up together in Assisi to their profound conversion and lifelong influence"indeed centuries-long influence"on the whole world through their radical living of the Gospel and founding of two great religious orders, the Franciscans and the Poor Clares. Combining the stories of Francis and Clare in one volume makes for a book that will be of great interest to both boys and girls of a wide age span. Illustrated. Cover art by Chris Pelicano ' 'This book is now part of Renaissance Learning's Accelerated Reader program . Quizzes are currently available. 'For more information about Accelerated Reader , the world's most widely used reading software, please go to ' ''To search Accelerated Reader's list of books, please go to the AR BookFinder at ' '

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