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Welcome to Discover Catholic Miracles.

Do not be confused by what is happening in the World, get the facts about what God has been doing by discovering Catholic Miracles.

Yes, God is still in charge and is alive and doing quite well.

Browse this site by selecting the tabs on the left and discover Catholic Miracles in many areas you may not be aware of. Knowledge is power, gather the information and share with your friends so they too may be strengthened.

Webster defines a miracle as something that suspends or transcends the laws of nature.

We define a Miracle as a situation where God has suspended the laws of nature, which He set up.

There are many classes of Church Miracles.

The whole internet could not contain the Miracles that God has wrought for us.

We will focus first on the most famous Church Miracles at first.

For example the Miracles in the lives of the Saints, like the flying Saint Joseph of Cupertino.

Our focus will be:

Miracles in the life of Jesus

Miracles in the lives of the Saints ie) Saint Anthony and the donkey

Miracles of the Eucharist ie) Lanciano Miracle

Miracles of the Cross - ie) the Cross of Limpias

Miracles of the Child Jesus

Miracles of conversion - ie) Ratisbonne

Particular Miracles - ie) the Shroud

Miracle of the Sun - Fatima 1917

Note: Select any of the tabs on the left hand side and you will be taken to many more Catholic Miracles

Visit the places of the Miracles

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Bob and Penny Lord Miracles
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Blog about discovering approved Catholic Miracles from the days of Jesus until tday
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Introduction to Miracles of the Eucharist
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Accounts of Catholic Miracles of the Cross
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Who is Jesus?
The Greatest Miracle in the World
The Greatest miracle in the World - the Catholic Mass
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Religious Miracles
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Accounts of unique miracles in the lives of the Saints
The Shroud of Turin - Its journey through history
History and Journey of the Shroud of Turin
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Accounts of healing miracles
Jesus Miracles
New Testament accounts of Jesus Miracles
Stigmatists and the Stigmata
Account of miraculous Stigmatists
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Account of the Miracle of the Sun - October 13, 1917 - Fatima
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